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Aug, 30 2019

Top best printers for art print graphic designers

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The industry of graphic design is all about high quality and exceptional graphics and visual elements. The work of graphic designing is more about the effective and appealing presentation of your vision to your client than sketching out the idea. If your sketched idea doesn’t look good on paper and in print than it’s no use presenting it to your client. If the final product lacks the visual appeal in print, then satisfying the client with your design becomes a near to impossible task.

The graphic design business is all about sharp and well-defined detail and crisp and vibrant colors. To bring out these attributes in your printed graphic design, you need to get yourself a highly efficient graphic design printer. With such rapid development of technology, the field of graphic design and its tools is evolving at a lightning pace. The newer and more innovative printer models with better and advanced features keep coming out almost every year.

Making the right choice:

When it comes to choosing a printer, you have two broad categories: inkjet and laser. Deciding between them used to be quite simple if you want better resolution, speed, and color and image quality go for laser but if cost-effectiveness is your major concern then stick to the inkjet one. However, such stark differences between the two are the talk of the past. Now with the evolution of technology, this might be the only time when the drawbacks of some technological device are overshadowing the strengths.

With an increase in need and demand of printable, it’s more about the page capacity of the printer and less about the quality of images and vibrancy of color. The cartridge price ratio is now preferred over the speed and image sharpness. It all comes down to the type and category of images and graphics you work with. Where purchasing a laser printer might appeal to you if your in-house printing involves a lot of text documents. However, most of the high-quality photo printers are inkjet as the photo quality goes strikingly up in mid-range inkjet printers.

The choice of the printer depends heavily on the type of work. Go for an efficient, convenient and budget-friendly printer that can benefit you in the long run. Here are some factors that should consider before making any purchase decisions:

  • Make sure that your inkjet is divided into individual tanks for each color. Don’t go for a single cartridge for multiple colors, it doesn’t only increase the chances of color bleeding and casts, but it also affects the quality of the image.

  • When it comes to using inkjet, replacing the cartridges and toner is one of the major concerns and expense. Before purchasing the inkjet get an idea about the maximum number of pages you have to print and how many pages you can print from a single cartridge. Laser toner is more efficient and productive in that regards despite being a bit costly.

  • If you are looking for something cost-effective with better image quality, then dye-based inkjet is the right option for you.

The topmost graphic design printers for this year:

The internet is filled with the best printer for graphic design, available at a reasonable price and offers higher image quality. The option is uncountable, but only a few of them meet the standards, needs and demands of graphic designers. Here’s a list of some of the highly recommended and best printer for artists and designers:

1). Canon Pixma iP8720 Inkjet Printer:


Undoubtedly, Canon makes some of the best and highest quality printers and photography devices and instruments. This time Canon came up with one of the most innovative and highly advanced inkjet printers, which not only let you replicate the design, but it can also take a diverse range of paperweights and finishes. This highly-technologized device provides you with printing diversity. Where it allows you to print office documents on economic office paper, it also makes sure that your professional presentation looks equally good. The device allows you to do all that and more without you requiring you to leave your desk. Probably the most reasonably priced and best printer for art prints and documents.

2). Epson Expression Photo HD XP-1500 Wireless Color Wide-format Printer:

Epson_Expression_Photo_HD XP-1500_Wireless_Color_Wide_format_Printer_reviews

Another great name in the industry of hardware manufacturers. Epson expression consists of six types of dye ink and highly realistic and conniving images and graphic designs. Where it can handle printing on a standard-sized print paper, it can handle a print paper of size as large as 13 X 19. Having high compatibility with ink cartridges, it can easily print up to 800 pages per color. The great part about this printer is that it keeps track of ink usage.

3). Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Wireless Color Professional Inkjet Printer


If you are searching for large format printing, then Canon Pixma is all that you need to meet your printing requirements. This professional-grade printer consists of 8 dye-based inks for vivid prints. It can print over 13” x 19” at a DPI of 4800 x 2400 for amazing and well-detailed graphic designs and quality images. Consisting of 6144 nozzles and weighing up to 43.2 in bullet points, this printer is known for its grayscale and black and white prints. One of the best printers for art prints, this printer provides you with exceptional gradients and optimal image generation.

4). Epson Expression Photo XP-8500

If the price is one of the pressing factors when it comes to purchasing graphic design printers, then Epson Expression Photo is one of the best mid-range printers to get the required image quality. Where device allows you to experience exceptional image quality, this small-in-one printer delivers color vibrancy 4 x 6 prints within a few seconds. Having a separate tray for art paper, Epson Expression comes with HD ink cartridges which not only promise highest color vibrancy and image finesse rather it also delivers tonal gradience and detailed and well-tuned contrasts.

5). HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

HP never fails to amaze its users with improved features and enhanced usability. If you are looking for a budget-friendly printer which guarantees the high-grade print quality, then HP Envy is what will surely meet your printing needs. Empowered with the technology of Bluetooth and enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity, combined with faster speed and increased printing versatility-- HP ENVY comes with a powerful app to keep you connected for steady performance.

6). Lexmark CS410dtn Color Laser Printer

Lexmark has made a solid mark in the printing industry with its highly efficient and faster printing machines and laser printers. If getting high-quality printing results is one of the goals of your small and medium-sized printing firms, then Lexmark’s CS410 is one of the best choices to opt to. Having a capacity to print over 30pages in a minute and a staggering monthly output of over 75,000 pages, the printer is made for excellence, and that’s exactly what it has to offer. Whether you are looking for the best printer for flyers or everyday documents, this printer can keep up with all the printing needs and requirements. If a lot of printing goes in your daily work routine, then try out its toner cartridge model for better results.  With an exceptional DPI resolution of 1200 X 1200, the Unison toner ensures the crisp quality of images and graphics.

7). Brother HLL 8360CDW

Available at a cost lesser than CS410dtn, this device is a perfect choice for firms looking for efficient devices for networked printing. The device comes with toner cartridges with efficiency to print over 35,00 pages. It not only lowers the monthly printing expenses; rather, its AirPrint and Google Cloud features increases its accessibility. Having a maximum print resolution of 2400 DPI, this printer offers an overwhelming printing capacity of 1300 sheets with optional trays.

8). Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw


Offering lighting fast sped of up to 28 pages per minute; this printer is an all-in-one device for all your printing needs. Having a decent capacity of more than 850 sheets and a quick printing capability to print in less than 9 seconds, this device is perfect for small workgroups printing jobs and requirements. Featuring enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity and convenience to print from a mobile device, this printer comes with a promising three years warranty and US-based customer service. The HI capacity toner not only fulfills your printing needs; rather, it also reduces the need to replace toner.

9). Epson WorkForce WF-7710

A multifunction, all-rounder printer with the capability to produce 4 x 6” graphics and images in approximately 52 seconds, this printer is great handling heat transfers and sublimation. Offering higher compatibility with AirPrint, Epson Connect and Google Cloud, this highly affordable device is capable of printing, scanning, faxing and copying 4-color prints and quality images. Featuring a print resolution of up to 4800 X 2400, Epson’s WorkForce is a real froe to recognize in the industry of graphic design printers. From being the best printer for wedding invitations to making quality copies of documents, this printer is all you need to get the best results for graphic designs.

10). Epson Expression XP6000 Printer

If you are working on a tight budget and looking for a device worth your money, then Epson XP6000is all that you need to stay within your budget and get a quality device. The device is fully equipped with dozens of innovative features and offers higher usability. The printer comes with five different types of inks while offering you broader printing options. Fully capable of printing highest-grade images and graphics designs within couples of seconds, this printer is all you need to speed up your operational time and printing efficiency. Fast-forwarding it, support for wireless technology, highly functional built-in USB and memory card slots and availability at a highly reasonable price, this device is equipped dual printing abilities.

Final thoughts:

Choosing the right printer is all about going for budget-friendly and highly operational device. Determine the type and nature of your printing tasks before you get started with your in-house printing job.

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