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Aug, 30 2019

The 20 Best Futuristic Fonts to

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There are a million of things that you must consider before building a perfect web design—creating graphics, choosing colours, theme, images, designing a logo and more. However, there is one thing the people underestimate the most when designing their website, and that is choosing the right font.


The digitisation of the world has affected everything, from the way we communicate with each other to the way we spend each day of our lives in general, and design is not an exception. Today design is all about minimalism—and the only element that can capture the designing requirements, its futuristic typeface.

Picking the right font can make a massive difference in the final look and feel of the web design. It may seem like a small thing, but it has the power to bring your design to the next level. The interesting thing about modern fonts is that they are extremely versatile. It doesn’t mean that using futuristic text can add a technical theme to your design, but the native simplicity of the futuristic font styles is something that makes them perfect for any kind of project.

Selecting a suitable typeface for a design that belongs to the future can be overwhelming. Modern designs inspire imagination and compel the creative minds to push boundaries, and the futuristic styles are always inspiring the designs in the most beautiful ways.

If you are looking for perfect future fonts, this article is for you. So without further ado, let’s discuss 20 free futuristic fonts that you can use in your web design. Many of the following might only work best at larger sizes, but there are also some that are versatile and can be used in part other than headlines and quotes.


20 best futuristic fonts

1. Luciana


Luciana is a monospaced typeface which offers a feminine and energetic feel. It gives a slightly different look than a particular modern, futuristic font design. It is free to download and can be edited. You can use it on a poster, use it as a display, or alter it to turn it in to a beautiful monogram or logo. It is a versatile font style and can give a modern feel to your web design.

2. Ultra


One of the best sci-fi fonts is inspired by neon lights. It comes with a commercial license and can be edited to fit the designer’s creative insight. You can tweak it by using multiple colours or go crazy on neons such as lemon yellow or hot pink, after all, the font is neo-inspired. You can download the ultra-font for free and give a sci-fi look to your web design.

3. Elixia


A modern font inspired by the hexagonal grid system works up gorgeously to build a modern design. Its clean, restrained forms, unique shapes and proportions add a futuristic impression to the design. Designed by Kimmy Lee, the typeface includes uppercase, lower case and more stylistic glyphs. It is a great font style for decorative purpose.

4. Electro


Electro is an expressive typeface combining sharp edges and thin lines that can speak volumes about your design. It is a classic minimal typeface with a modern look. It is best suited to create headlines in a fashion web store or maybe a portfolio website. The font style offers a free version with certain limitations, but it allows you to appreciate the typeface with its dynamic futuristic look.

5. Atlantico


This is a geometric Sans Serif font designed by Manh Nguyen is inspired by two things: the Atlantic Ocean and chemicals. Its thick and bold letterform with round corners and square ends can be used in headlines and quotes. It is free to download and can be edited, attracting the attention to any design that features it.

6. Lazer Z Additktz font

Nothing speaks “star wars” louder than the Lazerz Additktz typeface. Designed by Alan Cheetam is an all lower case style font including numbers and letters. This “technology font” can add a digital finesse to the design giving it a futuristic look. It is free to download and a great typeface for your futuristic web design.

7. Fuerte


Fuerte is a modern, futuristic typeface with an uppercase font designed by Manh Nguyen. It is a free and editable font style, which is suitable for posters and headings. The typeface consists of two forms. One is the plain style available for letters and numbers, and the other is with patterns suited only for letters.

8. Voltaire


It draws its inspiration from sharp elements found in the conventional 20th-century Swedish posters. Its semi-geometric letterforms make it an ideal typeface for headings and posters. It is highly readable and can work for medium-sized to larger displays. It was designed by Yvonne Schuttler and is free to download.

9. Blanka


A display typeface, designed by Emmeran Richard is a minimal typeface designed to provide a futuristic look to the design. It is ideal for headings, and its futuristic letters and glyphs are best read in larger sizes. Its missing bits in the letter forms provides a playful feel to the typeface. It is free to download and can be used in your next project.

10. Benyo


Designed by Fabian Korn, Benyo is a typeface featuring letterforms and glyphs with an expressive, stylistic twist. It is an upper case font style which can be used for creating eye-catching headlines, posters and more. It is free to download and can add a futuristic feel to your design.

11. Exan-3


Designed by Jon Carlos Morales, Exan-3 is a monospaced futuristic typeface providing the digital display to the design. It is suitable for posters, business cards and different materials, giving it a retro-futuristic feel. Combine the mathematical form of the font with organic imagery and create something mesmerising like ice and snow

12. Azedo


Azedo typeface is a geometric-inspired font style, with bold lines giving a scientific, futuristic feel to the design. Designed by Pedro Azedo, it is a typeface that can work for any purpose—from designing a logo to banner and amazing headlines giving a stylish look to the design. It is free to download and can make the maximum impact on the viewer.

13. Stellar


The best thing about the stellar typeface is its versatility. Designed by Mathieu Desjardins, it is Sans Serif condensed font style adding quality and personality to the design. If done right, it can give a feeling of interface of an intergalactic system orbiting Saturn. It is free to download and editable according to the designer's creative requirements.

14. Halogen


One of the cool futuristic fonts, Halogen is a bold, industrial typeface that comes with stylistic alternates. It comes with all upper case letter and numbers and can be used to design banners and logos, adding a futuristic look to the design. It is a free font and can take the viewers where you want them to go.

15. Chronic


Chronic typeface is a futuristic font inspired by the Native American Legends and geometry. Designed by Erica Jung, the style consists of stylistic alternate characters and glyphs that can work best at large sizes and as headlines. It is free to download and can be appreciated for the beauty that it adds in the design.

16. Anurati


A futuristic font style that is developed originally to be free. Designed by Emmeran Richard, the futuristic text styles consists of angled letters inspired by the gestalt theory of closure, adding visual and creative interest in the designs. It is easy to understand and can be used as a display typeface combined with imagery and colour blocks to give an instant futuristic look.

17. Nidus sans


Designed by Leo Ryberg, Nidus Sans is a futuristic Sans Serif typeface offering a more conservative take on the futuristic letterforms. It does not only work best on displays, but it can also be used in small blocks in the body. It is highly understandable and is free to download.

18. Raptor Sans


Raptor Sans is a futuristic font which offering a retro sci-fi feel to the design. Its bold characters are easy to understand. Designed by Panos Voulgaris, inspired by the book covers from the 60s and 70s showcase the awesomeness of the design. It is a free font and can provide a futuristic feel to your design.

19. Skyer


Designed by Adilson Gonzales, Skyer is a visual representation of futuristic and architectural elements. Its clean lines make it different from the bold and bulky letterforms making it stand out among all. You can try this typeface in your next project in headlines. It is free to download for personal use.

20. Ailerons


A clean, stylish and mesmerising typeface is inspired by aircraft models from the 40s. Designed by Adilson Gonzales, it consists of beautifully tall letterforms that can be used for headlines. Its characters are easy to understand and can give a sophisticated look to your design. It is free for personal use.


“Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together” — Vincent van Gogh 

This is not just a quote by a famous impressionist, but it is the most relevant advice for the wise selection of fonts. A combination of well-thought-out designs, fonts can have a powerful effect on the viewer. It just doesn’t draw attention; it is excellent at making your design stand out.

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