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Aug, 30 2019

12 Crucial Logo Design Rules

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Call it the face of the brand or the first impression either one of it is correct about logos. But only a perfectly executed logo is able to get these things done or else it will just be a picture or image that will have no value or worth. So what makes a logo perfect? What makes a logo designed beautifully? The answer to this question could be defined in a few points. A few logo designing rules and logo designing guidelines that are crucial and important for making a perfectly designed logo are stated below.

1). Know Your Target Market


Whatever you do make sure that you know for whom you are working and what you want to get done from the same. This is one of the rules for logo designing. Before even getting your hands on planning the logo you should know who your target market is and what are their preferences. What they would like to see is the first point to consider while designing a logo.

2). Preliminary Work Is Important


“Think before you work” This is a rule that has made people able to bring out the best results and you cannot neglect even when you are designing a logo. Sketch what you think is the best for your logo, work on bringing the best designs on paper. Create variations of the idea that you have come up with. This will eliminate the risks of your design being mainstream as well as the preliminary work will get you to draft the best ideas to be brought to life.

3). Use Colors Cleverly


Colors are the first impression of a logo. So how many colors should a logo have? The theory of color is too complex but when once you get hang of it you can even add conceptualization to your logo just through colors. Two things that you need to keep in focus while selecting colors is that it should resemble your brand as well as should be attractive and eye-catching.

4). Typography Matters


Typography is an element of the logos that you just cannot neglect. It is what makes you communicate your ideas behind the words and thus whatever you design you must focus on it with the best typography the one that suits the design and looks appealing to the eyes.

5). Create Balance

Keeping the balance between a pleasing and appealing design is important. Keeping the balance of colors, graphics and size on each side of the logo are important as well. You know that your logo would be viewed by people who don’t have much knowledge about graphics thus keeping a balance is to play safe for your logo.

6). Bring The Memorability In

One of the logo design basics is to make a logo memorable. A logo serves the purposes of branding at most of the occasions and it is regarded as one of the most important purposes of a logo.  You should always keep in mind that a logo should be made in such a way that makes it be remembered. Let’s take the example of Apple Inc’s logo here. It is simple and is just a bitten apple yet it is remembered by everyone. This is what you should also contemplate upon.

7). Be Creative


Being the same and indifferent is the massacre of making your logo amazing. It is essential that a logo should be unique and creative or else it will be lost in the competition. To make it unique you should come up with an idea that is different and creative moreover the elements of a logo that you are using should also be something that is innovative.

8). Keep It Simple

Logo requirements that are usually there in every logo are to make it understandable and making the logo able to communicate the ideology of the brand or the organization and complexity is the killer of understanding thus you should keep it as simple as possible.

9). Use Other Designs For Inspirations Only


Relying on the designs of others might kill the originality and differentiation but using them as inspiration is not a bad idea at all. It would be one of the greatest ideas for making essential logos. In the creative field, it is always important to take inspirations and to take the ideas to bring something creative and different. This is what you should also do while designing a logo.

10). Keep A Lighter Hand On Effects


Applying too many effects and filters might make the logo to lose its concept and vital element which is why it is never a good idea to go with this. It is said by professionals that keeping the effects minimum might make the logo to become more understandable and most importantly it could be said even if you don’t use effects, you can still make a professionally designed logo.

Use Design That Suits Your Company

Well, when making a professional logo you should make the contemplations on using the designs that are reflecting your company. Such as If you are an automation organization you should use the robotic designs for the logo. This will make the resemblance of your logo with the company to be increased and surely it would make the best clients to be indulged with the company and its logo.

Size Matters


The size of the logo matters and the size is dependent upon where you are going to use it. First, you should know the purposes of making the logo and then you should think about what size of the logo would be best. The perfect size would make the quality of the logo to be amazing.

These are a few important and crucial rules of logo designing that you should follow in order to make your logo have that kick which converts your target market to your customer base.

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