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Aug, 30 2019

10 Tips to Create Amazing Logos That

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When it comes to designing a brand identity that would represent a company to its target audience in a productive and efficient way, visual tools are considered to play a significant role. A logo design is the principle visual element for building a brand identity, and this is why marketers give it utmost importance while formulating the branding strategy for a business. A logo can influence the target audience within seconds and can be an alternative visual tool to communicate the business’s vision if designed appropriately.

Knowing the importance of a logo in a company’s branding strategy, businesses need to identify the best ways to represent their brand through their logos. This article is presenting 10 logo design tips for the companies who want to upgrade their logo designing game. Lets explore how to come up with a logo that will enhance the brand image and depict the company’s vision to the targets with clarity and innovation.

Brand Insights!

One of the most crucial logos making tips is to know the brand in depth before starting the logo design procedure. If the designer does not know the brand, how could they come up with a logo design that depicts the brand’s identity in a perfect manner. A designer needs to recognize the tones of the business to make its visual configuration. They need to know the nature of the brand that either a brand is ‘soft’ in its core ideology, or is it a ‘hard’ one to paint its visual identity. That is the reason why designers should collect all the details about the brand before moving forward to designing its logo.

Make it Distinguishable

The current markets are overflowing with the competition, and thus, it is important for the businesses to make themselves distinctive and recognizable to beat their competitors. A logo can help a brand stand out from the crowd by establishing strong and distinguishable business individuality. There are a number of different ways to make your logo design look recognizable and one of the best tips for creating a logo that will make the brand recognizable among thousands of competitors is to be original. Do not use clichéd logo trends and create something that is new and unique.

Colors Speak Louder than Words!

Thinking about how to make a good logo, incorporating the right colors can have a significant impact on the psyche of the audience. Colors are instant attention-grabber and message conveyer as well. Choosing the right colors that will fill in the logos with inspirations and meaning can help a brand communicate with the audience without using words. Different colors speak differently, and so the designers must learn the color psychology to ensure that they are portraying the right business image through the logo.

Do not Neglect the Fonts

If you will ask a professional designer that how to create a good logo if you want to create your own logo, one of the elements that they will emphasize over includes the typography. Logos that include text must be designed in a way where the font of the text is chosen wisely. That is because the typography in the logo design influences the entire design evidently. The font selection should be made to suit the over-all theme of the brand and should not deviate the audience elsewhere.

Tell the Tale with your Design

Messages in the form of stories are memorable, and they appear to be more meaningful as well. Logo designs can be made to tell stories that will enhance the brand message and get registered in the minds of the audience for long. This is why expert logo designers recommend using images or artistic visuals to demonstrate the business messages in a logo. The right image can stimulate the right perception in the audience’s mind. Nestle’s logo design is a very good example of conveying the business message in a logo story.

Observing Trends can Help

Many of you must have come across a number of different logo trends while looking for ideas about how to create a good logo. Trends in logo designing change quite frequently and so, there are many inspirational logo designing trends to follow on the internet. Designers should avoid designing logos based on clichéd design ideas, but they should not completely ignore contemporary design trends. These trends can be a great inspiration for making great logos that will infuse all the prominent attributes of your business’s identity.

Check out What Works

Do not only rely on your own intelligence and try to figure out what works for businesses by observing other successful logos of your competitors and in general. Researching a bit can go a long way. Also, conduct insightful researches to know the feedbacks of your target audience on your design choices to represent your brand. Knowing your audience and having an idea about what can work for your brand can lead to ultimate logo success without any hindrance.

Choose to be Active

Logos can be active as well as passive. That is, the design of a logo can be a call-of-action or a passive ideology. Choosing to be an active logo is a better option for the brands who want to establish a powerful individual identity. Thus, companies should prefer active and brisk logo designs over flat and monotonous logos to build strong brand personality.

Simplicity with Creativity

Simplicity in logos always works because it makes the brand identity familiar and memorable just after a little market exposure. However, the simplicity of a logo must be accompanied by creativity to make a logo design individualistic and original. Choose a design that will be simple to the core and yet, highly creative in its aura.

Minimalize the Design

Keeping the logo design uncluttered is very important for maintaining a memorable brand identity. The design should have minimum colors and elements so that they will sharpen the visibility of the core message and eliminate any chance of deviation. Using a lot of colors or design elements can make the logo design confusing and distractive, distorting and complicating the brand identity.

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